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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CET

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the continent of africa are. the stories of the additional makers taking their destinies into their own. d.w. dot com. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery good to have you with us one of the biggest challenges europe has faced in recent years is the refugee crisis since twenty fifteen more than a million refugees have settled here in germany the debate over how to integrate the new arrivals is one of the key sticking points in forming a new german government more than four months after the election integrating people
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from foreign countries who don't share a common history traditions or even a language can be difficult germany's government has been working to introduce programs for new arrivals to learn german and all about the country yet there's one group they're struggling to reach refugee women we spoke to two defined out more about the hurdles they face and acclimating to their new home. happy birthday from afghanistan has a secret. i can't write my first or last name and. also barely knows how to read and write like that i went to school for two years then i worked as a hairdresser and then i was a housewife. and are among the female refugees who have an especially hard time integrating into life in germany. timeline is
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a twenty three year old iraqi kurds she married at fourteen now she her husband and their three school aged children are living in a refugee hostel in cologne they mainly keep to themselves. i don't have any german friends i only know one person from spain i'd like to make german friends but i've never had the chance. also has little contact with germans she's only got to know one jim a woman at the refugee hostel. we've been friends with her for a year when we have problems or get letters from the authorities she helps us then we make an appointment my daughter meets her and brings the letters a lot and when we have to go to the job center she goes with us on about who she helps us a lot and we're very grateful to her. on a. horse on here in germany happy bay and her children still feel like they're
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outsiders looking in the forty four year old widow lives in her own cultural bubble and has little contact with german society. one of the ways germany is trying to reach out to women like happy bank is by offering what it calls threshold literacy courses. i've. via. all we want to help these were. men get out of their homes and get to know the area they live in to learn german need other women to have contact with others and move around freely. with. the courses being offered by the federal office for migration and refugees it's a first step but experts say more needs to be done. and. it's not enough to integrate these newcomers into german society you have to focus on the children and for that you need the mothers to. see
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a feeling many of the immigrants who are coming to us now will have in the past. the fathers are like the ancient roman part of emilia's the head of the family who calls the shots and often keeps his wife in the background off your throne and remember every of your career outs of these women through the low threshold literacy courses and it be very helpful if these thought patterns change too but let's not kid ourselves that's not going to change overnight or it's a lengthy process and these courses contribute to that what is a caused. by talk that's there have been give yesterday we practice the dialogue no it is oh. but i think over a million refugees have come to germany since twenty fifteen last year the government tripled funding for low threshold literacy courses to more than two million euros a year but that's just enough to give women a basic introduction to their new country many women never get beyond that that was
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long the case with qwest and rita occurred who came to germany seventeen years ago with her husband and two sons her husband didn't want to attend an integration course but question was determined to enter isolation she learned german and now helps other women immigrants she says many feel self-conscious and overwhelmed. some women don't want to because they're busy with their kids or have no desire to learn. haven't the many women who've been here a long time can understand german ugandan i stand by and even speak a little they're just afraid to use them at the violinist present. it took a lot of courage to question to integrate into german society she sought help from character i think she'll service organization but experts say that for more women to follow her lead germany must actively promote policies that combat patry arkell venus as verb to call easy that will lead to conflicts with the family values
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practiced at home. the state should stand firm and be willing to make demands on parents and even on children. be kinda the goal has to be achieving a reasonable level of assimilation into our civil society shuffling in to god's will employee crowd helping women could be key to achieving this goal because time have b.b. and others like them want to make a life for themselves and their children in germany. mabel's is known for its one fired pizza stunning sea front and for the camorra one of the oldest and largest criminal networks in italy in places like the suburbs of no where many young people are on able to find jobs they seek them out around two thousand people were slim protested in naples against a state of violent attacks by gangs of youths led by so-called baby bosses who rule
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the streets with extreme brutality our reporter met with a former gang member who was helping local young people big better choices by using something else naples is known for football. this football pitches bruno mars is pride and joy he's been coaching local children here for years and instilling in them values like teamwork and respect. the city of cairo is part of the naples metropolitan area it's long been struggling with high unemployment violence and drugs. the children see a lot of this at home they see their father's packaging of drugs in the living room table for sale in the streets. bruno wants to provide young people in the area with hope for a better alternative. this little container serves as his office.
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bruno used to sell drugs himself he was convicted and spent eleven years behind bars his brother died of an overdose he'd like to spare the children here the same fate it's a challenge at night local junkies hang out on the football pitch. every morning i have to go around collecting new syringes so that we can practice here there's no one else here to clean up. the syringes could be infected so i have to get them away from the children. what you got i mean the bad bruno's football club isn't enough to ensure these kids will have a better future much more is needed to counter the man fears hold on the area. and he said we need a master plan for this district above all we need proper jobs for young people it's the only way to keep them away from organized crime the root of our problem is lack
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of work. these problems have sparked massive protests in the area violence has become commonplace it is metro station a fifteen year old back was. beaten by a group of teenagers who wanted his mobile phone and pocket money. youth unemployment is over fifty percent in one post and the surrounding area prospects of bleak for young people here making them easy prey for the camorra the local mafia style crime syndicate the baby gangs and baby bouncers are getting younger and younger and ever more brutal father alexander talley works in a troubled district of central naples he's shocked by the ruthless violence of many young people here. is that these young people are responsible for a new crime wave as they arrive on motorbikes and shoot around wildly even during
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the daytime they're terrorizing people. there's a small memorial outside his church for a local boy jenny was just seventeen when he was shot dead on his way home from school by a baby boss that was over two years ago rena remembers the outrage that followed the public demonstrations on the promises made by politicians but nothing has changed. in the poor neighborhoods of caravan or drug dealing continues as before the police avoid setting foot in the area. mobsters rule the streets. drug addicts are everywhere but they come from all over the region to make their purchases. the children of kind vanno gather at bruno's football camp no matter how difficult life may be at home here the children find a sense of belonging their. twenty three year old luigi is one
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of bruno success stories he spent years playing in bruno's football club and learned that there are alternatives to fast cash and dealing drugs. on the run of the sort that will bring no got out of jail he approached many of the kids in our neighborhood. joining a team doing something good something right had an impact on me. going all the while they gave me the strength to walk away from organized crime to get out of the state of. where we were a lot of that work. today luigi works in a local supermarket he plans to stay in colorado to show other young people that there are alternatives to crime and violence. stories like this give bruno strength one day he hopes his neighborhood will be known for more than just the camorra and crime. efforts are admirable we wish him luck until only very recently istanbul was known for its nightlife
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but bell local say its party days are numbered after heavy taxes an alcohol were imposed by the conservative government even a beer or a glass of the national drink rocky has become much more expensive but there's the turks are getting creative as our correspondent in istanbul you johan reports. well the description might be the smallest brewery in istanbul but once a month just a man brews up a batch of beer hang on to the ingredients mulch least online that's where he got the recipe to. a couple it's what was that it just add water and stir. the salt. and after a few weeks of femen taishan the bear is ready to drink.
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it better than seven i mainly during this to save money alcohol is become so expensive in turkey the taxes have been increased a lot over the years and alcohol has become an affordable market and i get my home broadband cost me a quarter of what i pay in the shops. just a few years ago istanbul was known for its nightlife. but the islamic conservative a.k.p. government seemingly wants to put an end to that shops and no longer permitted to sell alcohol after ten pm. advertising alcohol is forbidden and for many turks high taxes have made it a lot sharing the. children who owns a bar in istanbul he says many other bar owners have already given up their customers can't afford the high prices but just have a nice flavor to rocky a local favorite costs about two to three times what it did just
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a few years ago and. it's getting worse they raise taxes twice a year. they've just been raised again. i think the authorities are trying to shut down bars and clubs or maybe it's a religious thing i have no idea. the government says its tax hikes have nothing to do with religion or president red jump time and to one has promoted a non alcoholic beverage as if to make a bigger statement was over no matter what others say national drink is iran and i drink to that there's a very good i. i in istanbul it's a district home to many conservative muslims there are no complaints about the high
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price of alcohol. all see as i'm for a total ban nobody should drink it's harmful john didn't i've just been to the mosque i don't drink because islam forbids it but everyone should decide for themselves she literally dark that had the opposite because i think there should be more balance to protect our children. that it should be totally prohibited look at the. bar and show no disagrees he left his body. and he's convinced his temple will lose much of its cosmopolitan flair if authorities keep making life not about owners like himself. but the first land owners demand and his friends also don't want the government telling them what to drink and to that they'll raise a glass of that only home brew. years of all reasonable. from no other country has so many fighters joined the so-called islamic state as from russia most
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came from the russian autonomous republic of chechnya in the north caucasus recruits from this region are said to be held in high esteem by us because they are battle hardened from decades of fighting for autonomy from russia many of these chechen of the mist took their wives and children with them to syria now that the time of the i assume to be over their relatives back home anxiously await their return. the collapse case south of grozny a typical chechen town everyone knows and helps one another in spite of the high walls. but there's one thing the neighbors don't like to talk about their missing children. petty marks on a mother to has kept silent for four long years but now she's broken that silence to talk about selena her beloved daughter. here. selena followed her
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husband rossland who went off to syria to fight with the so-called islamic state. yes. he took selina and their three children with him. i know he'll never come back because he was killed in march last year. he won yet. we needed new. since then she says she hasn't heard anything from her daughter. selina is one of hundreds of chechens who left their homes to join the i.a.s. after the war in syria broke out. nearly all of them are listed as missing their children to. their mother showers these photos in the desperate hope their children might see them and that i know that they're alive. here at petit man's house and saw and granddaughter looking at photos of the lena.
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ward and so also follow the terrorists call and go to syria the way his sister did . you know i won't let them recruit me. i have a mind of my own and i don't listen to what the others are saying. betty mouth's alarm of a hasn't given up hope of seeing her daughter again one day she shows us the clothes she bought for her three grandchildren in syria and then she shows us this picture. here i took this photo myself in syria just. in december twenty fourth teen patti matt succeeded in contacting her daughter through intermediaries in turkey. spent several weeks on the road finally arriving in the city of man in northern syria. she had no way of knowing for sure if she would ever reach our destination or see her daughter.
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eventually the i.r.s. allowed her to spend four days. as with her daughter she wasn't permitted to take selena or her grandchildren back to chechnya. and other local mothers have started a self-help group it already has more than eight hundred members one of them is so remote ga ga over the mother. who took petty daughter to syria. where. my daughter was very a bt and she did everything her husband ordered her to. mother partly to blame for your daughter's disappearance. i swear to you know. to be honest it all happened according to a higher will the will of allah so this had to be that's what i believe. over and over in chechnya we're told that religious faith was one of the primary
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factors that allowed the i.a.s. to recruit young people here young people who often paid with their lives. many mothers of missing children come to the airport in grozny to wait and i hope. that it's you i'm here quite often. that is. what do i have to do at home i must look for my daughter. now that russia has declared the defeat of the islamic state groups of chechens are slowly being sent back from syria and iraq. keeps hoping that her daughters alina is still alive and that one day she too will return. growing older can bring wisdom and feelings of contentment but it can also mean loneliness and isolation as spouses and friends die or move away in sweden the
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organizers of a speed dating club for seniors say it doesn't have to be that way in as little as seven minutes your luck or at least your saturday night staying home alone watching t.v. could all change. oh hello everybody hello you may talk for seven minutes starting now i'll set the egg timer that you said you know. these men and women have come to the senior center this afternoon to make some new friends. they've just got seven minutes to get acquainted speed dating is have to put their best foot forward as fast as they can and get a first impression of the person they're talking to. is this person my type or not so much the seven minute limit means that there's no time for shyness you have to plunge right in. moscow quickly see people chatting
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away you hope they might get together again and do something fun. that's our goal. if that's what we want. all. the times up more than a few are surprised at how much they had to say or of who really was quite easy to get talking to used i'm nothing like i thought it would be. it was wonderful. for the next round to change partners speed dating keeps you on your toes. there's a snacks to all the conversation works up an appetite. and how it might sound after a certain age it's not that easy to make new friends. it's hard to break into existing social circles where everyone already has their friends. or do you so it.
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can be a problem how are you supposed to find the male partner especially one that doesn't just want you to cook for him i'm not a star these. but most of this mediators here. looking for romance they'd be happy to find some new friends. slowly but steadily the pace picks up with no time to waste the conversations get more and more animated some of the seniors seem a bit out of practice. after national journal after my wife died i lost all of our friends after there were a few who said they'd be in touch but nothing ever happened. to. the speed dating get together is held once a month including. i mean it's a pallet in southern stockholm. purgative in blood and her friends organized the
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meetings. they met each other at one. point on how was it going but that's ok it's not very nice i've only been twice they found i got these ladies as part of the deal. because. they meet up often these days it helps keep their spirits up they say. everyone here has already lost members of their family and the memories can weigh heavily on them. one or no good for some of my friends and acquaintances died much too ernie mcginty. it's very sad i've been feeling pretty lonely so. i'm pinning my hopes on these meetings. i believe in them. shared hobbies and interests can help bridge the gap the key
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to successful speed dating is quickly figuring out what you might have in common cold. going to see if you're at sam's club it was very nice we found out he's interested in electronics and i am too yes my telephone number is zero seven of four. the two exchanged phone numbers. their speed dating experiences are off to a promising start. with any luck it will be the beginning of a new friendship. speakin for seniors is a terrific idea who knows maybe tender for seniors is next that's all for today thank you for watching if you want to see any of our reports again just go to our home page and b.w. dot com or visit our facebook page stories see you next time.
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